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Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?

Not only are our databases backed up on a nightly basis, but they are also physically and geographically redundant distributed systems. This ensures there are always at least three live copies of your data at any given point in time, as well as backups that ensure disaster recovery is quick and painless.

Is AbsenceSoft secure and confidential?

AbsenceSoft will always have first-class data integrity and confidentiality. We use NIST Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), ISO/IEC 18033-3, and other industry-leading frameworks ensuring everything you see, do, or enter into our system is secure from prying eyes. Our servers, infrastructure, and databases are behind world-class firewalls and securely and monitored 24-hours/365 days a year. We adhere to industry standards on PII and PHI data, including GDPR, HIPAA and other compliance standards. Data is segmented and access is authenticated to ensure we never allow a breach in our customers confidentiality. Every single attribute, record and document in our system is explicitly tagged with the appropriate customer and employer information so there is no chance of it getting mixed up with anyone else. We really take your data security seriously.

Where is the data hosted, and is it safe?

Our servers are hosted and professionally managed on Amazon Web Servers (AWS) in the cloud. Along with benefits of AWS Security, AbsenceSoft maintains a robust security program with a security team that is constantly striving to improve our protections by keeping up with the latest best practices and maintaining security sector-leading certifications.

What does all that mean for your data?

We are using the latest in security advances offered by AWS along with our own measures that encrypt your data both at rest and in transit to make our system bulletproof to hackers or malicious users.

Can I export and take my data with me?

Absolutely. It’s yours. You can easily export your data at any time.

Can you add customized features only for me?

Most features are available to all users. Instead of customizing the software for each user, we make it configurable so you can decide how to make AbsenceSoft work best for your needs. We welcome any ideas on how to improve AbsenceSoft just send us your feedback.

How often are updates made?

AbsenceSoft is updated as new features are introduced, which is at least once a month and often more frequently. We are constantly evaluating user input and feature requests and want to make sure you have access to the best HR software on the market. We’ll deliver the most robust functionality available as soon as it’s available and fully tested so AbsenceSoft is the most mind-blowing leave management system available.

What browsers are supported?

We support MS Edge, and the latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

Is AbsenceSoft mobile friendly?

Yes, you can access your data via smartphone and tablet.

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