Over 61 million working Americans have disabilities that impact their ability to do their job. This leaves a lot of companies scrambling when an ADA request comes in. Do you track it as a leave request? Is there a difference? How do you manage the interactive process effectively? Staying in front of your ADA accommodations requests is something that you should be thinking about, but where do you start? 

Our ADA offering allows seamless management of accommodations alongside, or independently of, a leave case. Additionally, leave and accommodation instances are tracked alongside non-leave requests to ensure a cohesive and simple process for the ADA team as well as the employee. Our reporting suite allows visibility into accommodation requests, including the ability to track the cost of accommodations across your organization. 

We provide an extensive ADA tool that allows your company to track and report on all ADA requests alongside your FMLA requests. This all in one solution with our leave management system gives you the power and flexibility to build, track, and report on all of your cases instantly within one system.