One in four adults in the United States has a disability. As a result, more companies need to ensure their disability process is well-defined. When it comes to HR’s role they need to straddle the line between employee and employer to make sure that the company is staying compliant while helping the employee through a difficult time. 

Communication is paramount when an employee applies for STD or transitions to LTD, however it is on the company to provide tracking of all information back and forth. This becomes a burden when trying to track everything manually and to keep up with all the new laws and regulations. 

With AbsenceSoft STD/LTD management, users are able to manage the disability portion of a case with the leave and legislative portion, streamlining the administrative and employee experiences. 

Communication with employee and employer contacts will contain both leave and disability information, along with any applicable paperwork. Through our integration with ODG, we’re able to provide information on typical/best practice durations for medical conditions as well, creating a cohesive and complete leave and disability management process.