In less than 30 years, FMLA has been used over 100 million times. As more employees file for FMLA, the rise in court filings does too. We have seen a 192% increase in court filings for leave violations since 2017. Add in the incredibly complex and constantly changing state leave policies (California ALONE has over 20 state leave laws), and leave management becomes a huge risk.

The landscape has rapidly moved from strictly managing FMLA to a need for companies to comply with FMLA plus the over 100 state leaves. With differing eligibility and notice requirements, leaves running at different times based on the details of an employee’s request and those pesky legislative updates, managing leave without a purpose-built leave management system becomes confusing and difficult for your team and leads to employee and manager frustration. 

AbsenceSoft FMLA leave management system helps keep employers compliant with all leave law and polices instantly. While giving your employees a seamless experience. We have a purpose-built solution made for your HR team to give your employees that seamless experience. 

Don’t let FMLA get in the way of your company’s leave management process.