5, 18, and 30. Crucial Numbers for NYPFL

August 6, 2018

As they say, timing is everything. When it comes to NY PFL, there are three magic numbers 5, 18 and 30!

5: If documentation for a request for NY PFL is incomplete, you have 5 BUSINESS days to inform the employee of what is missing. Remember, that must be accompanied by a complete list of what is missing and an explanation of how to complete the information. Note that 5 days is also relevant in the event an employee submits paperwork in advance of the absence event, as that is the number of days that payment must be made following the event.

18: Perhaps this may be the most important number. It is the number of days by which a decision must be made after receiving a completed request good or bad. Most notably, keep in mind that if payment is not made within 18 days of receipt of a complete and eligible claim, simple interest may start to accrue starting from 10 days after notice was given. That’s just going to be messy, so make life easier for everybody and get decisions and payments made timely.

30: Much like the FMLA, this is the number of days that an employee has to provide notice for foreseeable absences. However, unlike the FMLA, the application actually inquires if notice is given in less than 30 days prior to the event, why it was not. That being said, let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water and use this as a reason to delay or deny a claim. As I noted in my blog about FMLA abuse (Seriously, FMLA Abuse) Micro managing the 1% is a bad investment.