ABC’s of Leave Management – E is for Eligibility

August 6, 2018

E: Eligibility: What makes someone eligible? Not sure? Well, let me help you figure it out, because it is ALL YOU! The employee bears zero responsibility for knowing this part. It really boils down to three things: Have they worked long enough for you? Have they worked enough hours? And this one can be tricky: Do they work at, or report to a company location with 50 employees within a 75 mile distance? The first two can be easy to confirm check payroll records for service dates and hours worked. Service has to be 1 year, and Hours Worked must reach 1,250 (which equates roughly to 24 hours a week, on average, in a 52 week period. There’s one caveat on that service time whether the employee worked for you at some time in the past 7 years also contributes to that worked for 1 year criterion. Because we are here for you, take another peek at this helpful outline from our Seriously, The Series.