AbsenceSoft Doubles In Size and Increases Client Partnerships

August 12, 2019

New Space and Faces

AbsenceSoft has been thrilled to welcome 30 new hires in the last 3 months, effectively doubling the team and establishing critical mass in each key function. A lease on new office space has been signed, allowing for the company to establish a headquarters that will serve as a base for additional growth over time.

Commensurate with this team growth, AbsenceSoft has signed numerous clients representing healthcare, academia, retail, and third party administration.

“We knew that our company was poised for acceleration, and our partnership with Bow River has allowed for us to finally execute on the AbsenceSoft vision and the results are already evident,” stated Matt Brady, AbsenceSoft CEO. “We have been grateful for the ongoing support and trust from our partners, knowing that our ability to deliver significant value to the market is clear and compelling,” Brady went on to say.

Chad Scharf, Co-Founder of AbsenceSoft and SVP of Software

Expanded Software Dev Team

AbsenceSoft and SVP of Software, “and the growth will allow us to accelerate our product development, improve the user experience and further delight our customers.”

You can learn more about AbsenceTracker at AbsenceSoft.com. It is the most effective way to manage accommodations, FMLA and other leaves of absence while also staying in compliance and keeping your company’s costs to a minimum.

AbsenceTr AbsenceTracker is designed with the leave management administrator in mind. AbsenceTracker is a cloud-based, secure, and mobile-friendly FMLA and leave management system that provides compliance support for ADA, FMLA and state leave laws, as well as easy workflow management and analytics and additionally offers features to support self-insured STD/LTD and Workers’ Compensation administration. We also think it is fun and easy to use.