AbsenceSoft Presents Accommodations and ADA Management

August 8, 2014

AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker’s Easy-to-Use Tool to Manage Accommodations and ADA

Denver, CO – August 8, 2014 – AbsenceSoft presents the latest AbsenceTracker feature: accommodations management. Building on AbsenceTracker’s powerful FMLA and leave of absence management capabilities, the accommodations management tool provides users with all the critical support needed to manage accommodations requests and the ADA interactive process.

The accommodations tool includes an interactive process wizard to aid users in following the ADA interactive process and features the same robust step-by-step intake process, template communications, full workflow management, and detailed reporting AbsenceTracker provides for FMLA and LOA management.

“Managing accommodation obligations under the ADA can be as challenging as administering leave under the FMLA”, says Jeff Nowak, co-chair of the labor and employment practice at Franczek Radelet and author of FMLA Insights.

“We knew that, in addition to making FMLA and leave of absence management easy, AbsenceTracker users would benefit from support with managing accommodation requests,” says Mark Bacom, AbsenceSoft’s head of Product Management, “so we built the accommodations tool easily navigate accommodations requests and the ADA interactive process.”

Learn more about AbsenceTracker at www.absencesoft.com and try it for free today. You can easily sign up to experience the most effective way to manage accommodations, FMLA and other leaves of absence while also staying in compliance and keeping your company’s costs to a minimum.

About AbsenceTracker: Designed with the administrator in mind, AbsenceTracker is a cloud-based, secure, mobile-friendly FMLA and leave management system that not only provides compliance support for ADA, FMLA and all state leave laws, workflow management and analytics, but it is also fun and easy to use.

About AbsenceSoft

AbsenceSoft has one simple goal, to create best-in-class software for companies to manage FMLA and other leaves of absence, easily, efficiently, compliantly and cost effectively. Our proprietary software, AbsenceTracker, provides organizations with the tools to improve productivity, increase compliance and reduce costs. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.