Are you prepared for NYPFL in January?

August 6, 2018

Remember our blog ‘NYPFL’s not a thesis paper, well, if it was a thesis paper, now is the time to start panicking if you’re not pretty close to ready. Let’s rock out a quick check list and then you can decide if you’re nervous.

  • My company has ordered mandatory poster to be displayed for employee access
  • My company has assessed existing policies and confirmed they comply with the law or has made updates to bring them into compliance
  • My company has set up adequate training for necessary supervisors and benefits personnel around the processes involved in managing employees under NYPFL
  • My company payroll system is prepared to accurately collect the employee contribution, not to exceed 0.126% of an employee’s weekly wage
  • My company can correctly calculate when a full time employee becomes eligible as of their 26th week of employment
  • My company can correctly calculate when an employee working less than 20 hours per week becomes eligible as of their 175th day of employment
  • My company has identified how we will inform ineligible employees of their options to opt out of paying the premiums, including all of the obligations if they become eligible in the future

If you checked off all seven items, you’re in great shape. If you checked none of them, yes, now is the time for concern because you will not be going to the big dance!