Family Leave Reimbursement: What You Need to Know

Melissa Campbell
August 6, 2018

So you are an empathetic employer and you know employees only receiving 50% of their average wage will be hard, so you want to let them use their PTO at full pay instead. But you’re thinking Ugh, but now I’m footing the bill! Not so fast, there’s good news here, but you need to get your ducks in a row! You can get reimbursement from your insurance carrier for the portion that would have been paid through the family leave benefits.

Here’s the key, you need to submit your request for that reimbursement BEFORE the carrier pays the benefit. Keep in mind that you will likely not receive the reimbursement until after the family leave is over, but at least you get to be a solid corporate citizen and not break the bank! NOTE: Form PFL-1 part B MUST indicate a request for reimbursement or it will be considered a waiver of the right to reimbursement. There are no mulligans here!