FMLA and Mental Health

June 25, 2020

FMLA and Mental Health

Let’s face it, we know things are uneasy right now. A worldwide pandemic, unemployment rates higher than we’ve seen them, and now protests around the globe. But one thing that is going unnoticed is employee mental health. Your employees are going through a range of emotions daily and it can take a toll on them and your business.

So, what can employers do to help with employee mental health?

Companies are now taking a closer look at how their leave management practices can help their employees through this trying time. With the uptick of employees asking for time off for mental health, it is important for companies to know when to categorize this time as PTO and when FMLA may be more appropriate.

FMLA does cover mental health, but it can be tricky and the decision to categorize mental health leave as FMLA shouldn’t be left to your supervisors Your leave management team needs to closely partner with your employee to discuss the need for leave, and if there is a diagnosis in support of designating such as FMLA, remind them of the processes in place.

In a recent study, 18.5% of all adults experience a form of mental illness in a given year, and with how 2020 is going we expect those numbers to increase (1). This can have a major effect, not just on the employee, but your business. We are seeing an increase in employees calling out during busy times, being generally less productive, and even resigning for stress or mental-health related reasons. Having a good policy, set up for mental health, and supported by FMLA is vital for any company in 2020.

During times like this, your employee’s mental health is most certainly a top concern. By having your FMLA process ready for any mental health challenges, you set your company up for success while supporting your employees.

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