NYPFL doesn’t concern me, right? Wrong.

August 6, 2018

“But I don’t have any offices in New York, so I really wish all the blogs weren’t just about NYPFL!!” Well, do you have any employees working from home, IN NEW YORK?!! If you said “Yes”, undelete all those blogs on NYPFL, because you have some reading to do.

Take a look at New York Paid Family Leave Employers. Specifically, go to the Insurance Coverage tab. There is a section on Out-of-State Employers and Employees. It states “Family Leave is a benefit for people who work in New York; it does not matter where the employer is headquartered or where the employee lives. For example: An employee who works from their home in New York is covered even if the employer is located outside of New York State.”

I have to commend the state of New York for a solid job at making the information on this legislation accessible. Do yourself a favor, look at the link, chat with organizations in the know, and if it’s not an area of expertise within your benefits department, it will be money well-spent to obtain help to do this right. Figuring this out now is critical. Remember that New York is just the tip of this iceberg, have you ever seen a picture of what an iceberg looks like under the water surface? Washington State, July 2020 proclaimed to be one of the most generous programs signed into law. I’ll leave you with that little cliff hanger, but it is quite revolutionary.