Staying Efficient with Leave Management

July 10, 2020

Staying Efficient with Leave Management

Efficiency is a term that is thrown around a lot in meetings, but what does it mean for leave management? It’s a term that usually doesn’t describe your leave management process. We understand that FMLA and ADA are complicated, but can there be a happy marriage between efficiency and leave management? In short, yes, but it can’t be done alone. When manually managed using spreadsheets, folders, and calendar reminders, teams responsible for maintaining a compliant leave and accommodation process spend hours sifting through documentation and are more apt to miss key milestones in an employee’s leave case. This also causes confusion for the employee.

What does efficiency look like?

An automated process driven by compliance is essential to gaining efficiency in a leave management practice. Ensuring that those managing employee leaves have direct insight into the tasks needing completion for each leave not only saves time but also maintains compliance with FMLA and state regulations.

How to build efficiency with systems

Streamlining the process and in return, gaining efficiencies is easily done when utilizing technology in your leave management solution. Inherently, all software will come with a standardized process allowing you to maintain the same efficiency.

How to stay efficient?

Maintaining an efficient process takes minimal time and effort once it’s defined and put into action. Annual reviews to ensure your teams are able to easily identify and complete their tasks can help ensure both a healthy process and an aligned team. This review also acts as a double-check to account for any legislation-driven updates that your process needs (does a new leave policy require you to communicate with employees more frequently? Are their questions you should no longer be asking?).

Our Take

Finding efficiency is something all HR and Leave Management teams to have in their goals, but it’s hard to put into action. Diagnosing what efficiency looks like for your Leave/HR team, discovering how to build (or buy) that system, and then staying efficient are the foundations you should strive for. These aren’t hard steps to follow, but keeping your teams accountable at each step is vital.