Top 5 Things to Consider When Evaluating A Leave Management Solution

April 23, 2020


Efficiency is an important factor when considering a leave management vendor. 33% of all employers still manually track and manage FMLA and ADA. Most of it’s done with excel spreadsheets or other labor-intensive systems that aren’t HR friendly. Modernizing your leave management process entails digitizing your leave processes to help streamline your business while maximizing compliance.


Understanding and quickly implementing new leave legislation is critical. Partnering with a vendor that has deep knowledge of state and federal leave management laws becomes your greatest safeguard in avoiding costly lawsuits. On average, 50% of employees learn about FMLA policies directly from their employer. Empower your HR team to become experts with the right tool.


Your leave management solution should becustomizable, allowing you to leverage your own unique company policies and procedures. Find a vendor that can meet configurations between both state and federal leave laws, while allowing you the freedom to manage your internal policies with ease.

Audit Readiness

An increase of 200% in FMLA lawsuits occurred between 2012-2016 in the United States. Companies need to be audit-ready at the drop of a hat. Your vendor needs to have the capability to download and print detailed leave histories on all employees.


Most companies find themselves struggling to find a vendor that can keep them complaint. Did you know that 10% of the US workforce is on FMLA leave at any point in time? Having a vendor that can keep you compliant with new health concerns along with updated access to laws and regulations is a key factor to consider.

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