Presagia is now part of AbsenceSoft

In late 2021, AbsenceSoft added Presagia’s strong expertise and capabilities to its best-of-breed product suite. The combined entity created an opportunity to provide a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use leave and accommodations management platform with extensive compliance, automation, integration, and analytics capabilities.

Our experts can’t wait to show you how AbsenceSoft’s purpose-built, easy-to-use software elevates the leave and accommodations experience for your leave team and entire organization. Schedule a demo today.

What we’ll go through together:

  • Your current challenges with leave and accommodations management
  • Your business goals for your leave and accommodations programs
  • How AbsenceSoft can improve your program and help meet your goals

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Trusted by 200+ of the world’s largest companies and 5+ million lives.

Why AbsenceSoft?

  • Expertise and Experience – AbsenceSoft has been the market leader in leave management for 10 years. Our in-house team compliance experts keep our platform up to date, ensuring you can easily comply with everchanging federal and state leave policies, including FMLA, PWFA, and ADA.
  • Scalable, Enterprise Solution – Boost workforce efficiency and employee engagement with the intuitive interface, automated workflows, and self-service portal.
  • Tailored Approach – Highly configurable platform to meet your tailored needs. Take advantage of guided leave of absence processes and employee self-service.