Why Leave Management?

When FMLA was passed in 1993 it opened the flood gates to mountains of policies, procedures, and paperwork. This bill is riddled with red tape that both employees and employers need to follow and there are often times when it’s unclear. 

Employers need to follow strict due dates and laws when an employee applies for leave, all while keeping detailed records of all communications and documents. Most companies resort to excel or a homegrown system that stores all of this information. This leaves your company open to risks of audits and out of compliance. 

Most employers do not have a formalized process for their leave management, making it extremely complicated to track, manage, and implement all leave cases in an efficient manner. 

With AbsenceSoft leave management software, companies can now have the best of both worlds. You can easily manage all of your cases, customize your workflows, and stay compliant with state and federal regulations in real-time. 

Let’s explore how our FMLA product can help you take control of your leave management