AbsenceSoft Easily Integrates with Your HR Tech Stack

We simplify leave and accommodations management with seamless, secure integrations to the apps you trust and use most.

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Get the full pictures of where your employees are, all in one place. By integrating AbsenceSoft with your HRIS or HCM, you know who is on leave, who is returning to work, and date details for every leave of absence.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide a seamless employee experience by integrating AbsenceSoft with the SSO provider you use most. Employees get a streamlined way to request and track leave and workplace accommodations.

Time & Attendance Systems

By integrating AbsenceSoft with your time and attendance system, you can easily see which employees are on leave. You can also see important dates associated with leave, such as when an employee is expected back, to inform shift coverage if needed. Eligibility data can be automatically imported to ensure employee entitlements are up-to-date and accurate.

Payroll Systems

Integrate AbsenceSoft with your payroll system to easily know if a leave should be paid or unpaid. Have the option to import PTO balances to AbsenceSoft in order display all available time away options for employees. You can also export advice to pay to ensure paycheck accuracy.

Elevate Your Leave and Accommodations Program Today

Boost Your Leave Team’s Efficiency and Accuracy

Our centralized, easy-to-use platform automates the administrative tasks involved with leave management.

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No More Worrying About Compliance

AbsenceSoft is automatically updated with state and federal regulations, keeping you compliant from day one.

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Deliver a Personalized Leave Experience

From customized communications to self-service portals, we provide everything you need to fully support your employees.

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