Return-On-Investment Calculator

By keeping FMLA & leave of absences in-house and using a purpose-built leave management software to manage requests and claims, companies can expect to save anywhere from 2x-15x their expenditure.

1,000 500,000
1% 100%
1 100
2 20

Your First Year Return on Investment

Estimated Annual Savings

Decrease employer & supervisor time spent
Decrease leave administrator time spent
Reduced replacement workers
Increased productivity
Total Annual Savings
In addition, avoiding just one lawsuit with improved leave management can easily be worth more than $400,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the return on investment for leave and accommodations management software?

Leave management software allows you to streamline and automate tasks typically done
manually by you and your team. This leads to a significant amount of time savings, making your
team highly efficient and able to handle more leaves per person.

In addition, leave software like AbsenceSoft is automatically updated with the latest state and
federal laws and facilitates a consistent, compliant process for every case. This keeps you from
having to pay any fines or fees associated with lawsuits and audits – which can be up to
$100,000 or more.

Finally, software that enables a seamless return to work process will keep your employees and
people managers more productive and efficient, leading to less wasted time and improved
retention rates.

How do I use this ROI calculator to advocate for a leave solution with leadership and other stakeholders in my organization?

Are there other considerations when looking into a software to help automate our leave management process?