A Secure and Scalable Solution for Enterprises

With AbsenceSoft, you get a secure, compliant system that is purpose-built for large-volume leave and accommodations management. We implement numerous controls to keep your data safe.

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Data Security

Rigorous security and compliance controls keep your data safe in transit and at rest.

SOC2 Type 2 Controlled Environment

Store and protect your employee data in the cloud, with customizable administration controls to maximize data privacy.

Access Management

Create access permissions based on roles, with the ability to approve or restrict user controls at any time.

Data Storage & Recovery

All AbsenceSoft data is stored at AWS data centers located across the United States. AbsenceSoft’s Incident Response Policy and Disaster Recovery Plan ensure your data is recoverable and protected at all times.

Ongoing Security Testing

File integrity monitoring and intrusion detection systems protect against data corruption including annual penetration testing and monthly web app security testing.

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People Security

AbsenceSoft’s workforce is vetted and screened.

Internal Security

All AbsenceSoft employees are background checked and go through continuous security awareness and training.

Third Party Security

All vendors are vetted prior to engaging with AbsenceSoft. AbsenceSoft maintains high-security standards and detailed agreements with third-party vendors.

Additional Security Information

AbsenceSoft Security Documentation

To help you gain a better understanding of AbsenceSoft’s security, we have partnered with Whistic. Prospective customers can view our Whistic profile and download security-related information, including ourSOC 2 report, security policies, security testing results, and more. Just click the button below to register for a free Whistic account and view our publicly available documents.

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Secure. Purpose-Built. Light-Touch. That’s AbsenceSoft.

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