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Accommodations made simple.

Give every employee the opportunity to thrive while staying compliant and connected.

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Put accommodations on easy mode.

Facilitate the Interactive Process

Manage all steps of the interactive process involving key stakeholders throughout to ensure a cohesive employee experience.

Hit every deadline

Stay on top of the details. Automatically route tasks in the accommodation workflow and escalate upcoming deadlines.

Improve employee relationships

With the paperwork handled, HR can spend more time building rapport with employees and less time on following-up.

Boost all-around productivity

Support every employee to do their best work, whether they’re requesting an accommodation or managing one.


Increase in ADA violations since 2013


Americans live with a disability that affects their ability to work.

There’s a better way to accommodate.

Accommodations are productivity-enhancers. AbsenceSoft simplifies the accommodation process so employees can be more efficient.

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Interactive Process

Keep compliant and accountable

Both the American’s with Disability’s (ADA) and the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) aren’t black and white like FMLA. Utilize our EEOC-compliant interactive process to speed up time to accommodation implementation while streamlining and tracking communication with employees. Ensure your company stays consistent by leveraging a repeatable process.

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See all your insights in one place

Track every employee accommodation request in one dashboard. Pull any report at any time, export audit trails or data, and send custom reports.

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Workflow Automation

Keep the work flowing

Configure standard accommodation types and templated ADA and PWFA communications. Automate tasks across the accommodation process and generate ready-to-send emails and letters.

Maximize your investment with time-saving tools.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can request an accommodation, review their status, drag and drop required documents inside their case file in real-time, and communicate in-platform.

Faxing & Barcoding

Text Messaging

Batch Fulfillment


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