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Buried FMLA & ADA files
Instant access to FMLA & ADA files
High administrative costs
Low administrative costs
Frequent talent turnover
Consistent employee retention
Slow return to work times
Accelerated return to work times
Poor employee productivity
Increased employee productivity
Low compliance confidence
High compliance confidence
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Employee Retention

Give every employee the support to stay.

Employee Self-Service

Allow your employees to request and track their own leave or accommodation from their phone or desktop, keeping them in the loop and well-cared for.

Ongoing Communication

Reduce leave duration and improve return to work outcomes by ensuring timely communications between employees, their managers and HR team.

Trend Reporting

Easily share leave and accommodation trends with program stakeholders for added value.

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Compliance Assurance

Check compliance off your to-do list.

Compliance Expertise

AbsenceSoft’s in-house compliance team and legal team partner update the platform with the latest federal and state leave and accommodation laws, so you don’t have to.

Employer-Specific Policies

Configure AbsenceSoft with your internal leave and accommodation policies so you can ensure complete compliance every time.

Leave Eligibility Calculator

Automatically calculate an employee’s eligibility across federal and state laws, as well as employer-specific policies.

Interactive Accommodations Process

Comply with the complexities of ADA. AbsenceSoft’s built-in EEOC-compliant interactive process and nondiscriminatory testing.

Activity Tracking

Every action taken within AbsenceSoft is recorded and saved along with a name, time, and date stamp for exportable activity reports and audit trails.

Screenshot of AbsenceSoft case management dashboard
Boost productivity

Focus on what matters, automate the rest.

Automated Workflows

Eliminate time-wasting manual processes. AbsenceSoft guides your team through every leave and accommodation workflow.

Central Repository

Search and pull any leave of absence or accommodation file in seconds — along with any supporting documentation.

Daily Task List

Keep the pace of work. AbsenceSoft’s daily task lists are automatically generated according to current leave and accommodation workflows.

Templated Communications

Configurable, templated, task-based communications free up your team’s time for more meaningful interactions with employees.

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Leave of Absence

Manage all leave types from beginning to end across federal, state, and company-specific regulations. Automate workflows and see the big picture with real-time data insights across absence trends and employee status’.

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Provide your employees with sustainable workplace accommodations so they can get back to doing what they do best, faster. AbsenceSoft makes it easier for both the employee and employer, with EEOC-compliant, interactive processes, and automation.

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Optional Modules

Add additional support.

Worker’s Compensation

Capture the first report of injury and leave information on the same case to maintain consistency. Ensure critical data intake and reporting throughout the process.

Short & Long-Term Disability

Manage the disability portion of an accommodation case alongside medical management and disability diagnosis. From health certification to job activity to confounding factors, manage it all without stress.

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So worth the investment. We now spend time helping our people instead of focusing on the administration of our leave program.

Carrie McIntyre, HR Director, Davis Wright Tremaine

AbsenceSoft helps us stay compliant. When the attorneys and compliance teams call for case and employee information, I can pull exactly what I need and quickly.

Lisa Schwartzenburg, Director of Benefits and Wellness, Gonzaga University

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