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Goodbye wasted resources. AbsenceSoft’s built-in intelligence automates your daily leave and
accommodation workflows so you can deliver an enhanced and more profitable client experience.

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High administrative cost per case
Low administrative cost per case
Manual task management
Automated task management and reminders
Scattered case data and files
Single source of truth with rapid data retrieval
No reporting abilities
Real-time absence trend reporting
Poor case status visibility
24/7 access to case status
Time-consuming compliance research
Built-in, real-time compliance assurance

AbsenceSoft Customer Support is super responsive and helpful. They are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to get the job done. I am continually impressed by your team.

Mallory Singleton, Account Executive, ComTon, Inc.

We needed a leave management solution we could utilize for multiple clients, where they can see their own dashboard of leave cases, AbsenceSoft was the only solution able to meet our needs.

Marina Galatro, Executive HR Consultant
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Customer Experience

Process cases faster, with more visibility, at a higher quality.

Client Portal

Provide your clients with user-friendly portals via mobile and desktop, so they can access their employee’s leave information and review case status at any time.

Automated Workflows

Eliminate time-wasting manual processes. AbsenceSoft guides your clients through task-based leave and accommodation workflows.

Trend Analysis

Send insight-rich trend reports to help HR teams identify internal pain points and reduce employee turnover. Easily share trends with your clients for added value.

Templated Communications

Auto-fill templated, task-based communications to stay compliant and free up your client’s time for more meaningful client interactions.

Screenshot of AbsenceSoft case management dashboard
Built-In Compliance

Comply with all leave and accommodation regulations. In real-time.

Compliance Expertise

AbsenceSoft’s in-house compliance team updates the platform with the latest federal and state leave and accommodation laws, so you don’t have to.

Client-Specific Configurations

Configure AbsenceSoft to your client’s needs. Add in your client’s internal leave and accommodation policies and communication templates to ensure complete compliance.

Leave Eligibility Calculator

Automatically calculate an employee’s eligibility across federal and state laws, as well as employer-specific policies.

Interactive Accommodations Process

Comply with the complexities of the ADA with AbsenceSoft’s EEOC-compliant accommodations process.

Activity Tracking

Provide your clients with an audit trail or activity log at any time. Every action taken within AbsenceSoft is recorded and saved along with a name, time, and date stamp.

Screenshot of AbsenceSoft case management dashboard
Highly Configurable

Tailor AbsenceSoft to your client’s needs.

Quick Deployment

Get clients up and running faster at a lower cost to you. Train your own resources and have control of your implementations.

Easy Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with any HR system. All your IT has to do is follow our integration template.

Full Coverage

Go beyond FMLA and ADA to cover any leave or accommodation type in one platform. Manage it all from pregnancy leave to public health emergency leave to union leave.

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Leave of Absence

Manage all leave types from beginning to end across federal, state, and company-specific regulations. Automate workflows and see the big picture with real-time data insights across absence trends and employee status’.

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Provide your employees with sustainable workplace accommodations so they can get back to doing what they do best, faster. AbsenceSoft makes it easier for both the employee and employer, with EEOC-compliant, interactive processes, and automation.

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Optional Modules

Add additional support.

Worker’s Compensation

Capture the first report of injury and leave information on the same case to maintain consistency. Ensure critical data intake and reporting throughout the process.

Short & Long-Term Disability

Manage the disability portion of an accommodation case alongside medical management and disability diagnosis. From health certification to job activity to confounding factors, manage it all without stress.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences without the busywork.

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