After Several Years, AbsenceSoft Remains a Critical Part of Rite-Hite’s HR Tech Stack

March 25, 2024

Rite-Hite is a national leader in the manufacturing space with over 2,200 employees worldwide. Benefits Analyst Lena Martinez has over six years of experience managing leave of absence and has been managing Rite-Hite’s program for two years.

With AbsenceSoft, her team can effectively and efficiently manage leave for employees spread across more than 20 different states.

“AbsenceSoft shows me where each employee on leave is at, when they are expected to go back to work, or if their next physician statement is expected next week. It provides everything at-a-glance. I don’t have to dig,” said Lena Martinez.

Lena Martinez appreciates the ease of having a centralized platform for managing leave requests, documentation, and communications. With AbsenceSoft, she can streamline her processes, ensuring consistency and compliance across locations. All HR team members at Rite-Hite can collaborate effectively, regardless of their geographic locations. 

AbsenceSoft was already in place when Lena Martinez joined Rite-Hite, replacing the previous manual processes that involved electronic and paper file folders.

She notes that “Folders are an absolute no. No one should be doing that anymore, it’s not 1992. There’s no need for HR teams to have such a manual process anymore.” 

She had used other solutions in previous roles. Now that AbsenceSoft is her core platform, she appreciates how much more effective she is at managing leave with a purpose-built solution. AbsenceSoft’s note-taking capabilities are a key feature for her, allowing her to be as detailed as possible about what has been done for specific cases.

“Everything needs to documented, everything needs to be noted, every document needs to be saved, everything must be titled. AbsenceSoft gives you that ability to do that,” Lena Martinez said.  

“If there’s ever a problem with the claim or the file, you can do a quick check and find everything. If somebody comes back and says, ‘well, you didn’t tell me that’ I can go back and say no, on January 1st at 2:30 pm, we spoke on the phone, and this is what we discussed. I really like that that’s a feature, it’s one that I really love about AbsenceSoft.” 

AbsenceSoft automates numerous day-to-day administrative tasks for her and her team, including forms, letters, reminders, and other communications. With AbsenceSoft, she can quickly generate and customize PDFs and send them to employees with the click of a button. She can even include a personalized note, allowing her to support her colleagues when they need it most.

When corresponding with someone, “It’s all right there, you know? Sometimes I go in and I change the wording on a letter. It takes a few more minutes to say something pleasant at the beginning of the letter. If there’s a specific question I want to ask, that’s super easy because I can easily edit the format already there,” said Lena Martinez.  

This faster, automated, and streamlined leave process allows Lena Martinez to focus her time and energy on more strategic tasks, such as compliance management and employee support. To learn how AbsenceSoft can help you streamline and automate your leave program, schedule a demo today