HR Team at a National Healthcare Provider Saves Over 19 Hours per Week Using AbsenceSoft

April 10, 2024

With over 30,000 employees spread across 36 states, managing leave of absences was becoming almost impossible for a lean, in-house HR department at one the largest healthcare providers in the United States. The leave team consisted of four full-time employees and one part-time employee. As leave requests increased year after year, they struggled to keep up. 

With their existing manual processes, each full-time member of the team could handle at most 250 cases per year. Realizing this wasn’t sustainable in the long run, they turned to AbsenceSoft to see if technology could help. 

After switching to AbsenceSoft, their team’s efficiency skyrocketed, while allowing them to spend more time supporting their co-workers to make sure they had a positive leave experience. In just one year, they were able to: 

  • Produce 16,000 letters 
  • Complete 47,000 case management tasks 
  • Manage 3,084 total cases 

Each team member now averages about 685 cases per year — a 174% increase in caseloads!

Prior to AbsenceSoft, the team spent over 19 hours a week manually completing a leave request. Today, those same tasks are done in just under five hours a week. By automating the manual tasks in their leave program, AbsenceSoft gave the team a better way to keep up with growing leave requests and get more time to support their colleagues. 

With such a large employee base, AbsenceSoft’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) quickly became a “must have” for this organization. Through their online self-service portal, employees can request leave, upload documents, and check the status of their cases in real-time. 

 In just the first year, close to 20% of the employees switched to requesting leave through the portal. This saved the team nearly an hour a week. As they continue to train employees and managers on the ESS process, they anticipate more time savings as the portal becomes more widely used. 

AbsenceSoft has fully modernized the leave management process for this national healthcare provider. They continue to work closely with AbsenceSoft’s CLMS-certified support team to optimize their workflows, add and adjust new policies, and more. If you would like to see how AbsenceSoft can help modernize and streamline your leave process, schedule a demo today.